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Axe Throwing: How Business’ are Branding Axe Throwing Locations in Boise

The Rising Popularity of Axe Throwing in Boise

section 37 Axe Throwing Boise
Section 37 Axe Throwing in Boise

Ever wondered why the likes of cornhole and tossing darts no longer seem to be everywhere? It’s because something new is taking over and that’s axe throwing.

Axe throwing is now a common scene in the United States and of course Boise is not left out of it’s fair share of throwing action. This “outdoor” activity has now been modeled to function properly indoors creating exponential growth. Not surprising, this recreational activity has transformed into a low-cost business model in recent years.

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane to see how this recreational activity evolved. Over the years, axe throwing was was a common practice as a competition between lumberjacks. Growing to what it is today, we can thank Canadian bartender Matt Wilson for all of it. He is the father of this beautiful activity. Matt set a target and started out with little leagues in his backyard.

When the crowds grew larger than his backyard could contain, he moved to a 1,200-square-foot warehouse. From there, it grew in popularity and today he operates more than 13 axe throwing venues in Canada! It wasn’t long until axe throwing infiltrated the United States over the past few years.

Boise has joined in on the action too. If you’ve noticed less paint-balling and pottery painting around, it’s because axe throwing is here and here to stay. Looking to let out some aggression with some axe throwing in Boise, Idaho? Here are the best locations your merry gang must visit for some axe-hilarating action!

Section 37 Axe Room

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Website: Section37AxeRoom

Address: 10535 W Overland Road Boise

The first one to do it usually sets the standard and this is why Section 37 Axe Room remains the top venue in Boise for axe throwing. Founded in November 2018, with around 3,701 square feet of space, the venue features nine lanes with 18 targets. Pairs or teams can compete against each other, throwing at targets 12 feet away.

Let’s discuss the safety precautions put in place to ensure a great time. Section 37 provides chain-link fencing that separates the throwing lanes from each other. They also offer soundproof systems to cover the sounds of axes hitting the targets. The axes at Section 37 weigh about three pounds per axe and people can come in groups of six per lane. You can come alone as well but can not be guaranteed a lane for yourself.

Section 37 is very cost-effective as their pricing comes at $20 per hour with a $5 discount for military members. They are not open 24 hours daily and their opening hours can be seen here on their website. Since starting up in Boise, they’ve also expanded to one more location in Caldwell. If you want to blow some steam throwing axes in Boise, Section 37 Axe Room is your best bet.

Check out the nice video below giving you a hint of what to expect from their facilities.

Base Camp – Pong + Axe

Image result for base camp pong + axe

Website: BaseCamp Pong+Axe

Address: 815 Ann Morrison Park Dr
Boise, Idaho 83706

Founded by Daniel Baker, this venue covers axe throwing with the extra thrill of a ping pong venue as well. If you’re a sucker for finesse and good scenery, then you’ll love this venue. They are pretty unique because of the iconic murals on their walls and selected local dishes they have on their menu. Expect to see a lot of graffiti paintings done by local artist Bobby Gayton.

Their axe throwing room features eight axe lanes and soaring ceilings. Basecamp allows you to choose how long you’d like a ping pong table, ranging from a minimum of around 30 minutes. Axe Throwing lasts between 1-2 hours depending on group size but can be discussed for special packages.

If you like a good snack while you have some fun, that’s another reason to try out this venue. Basecamp’s local dishes combined with excellent music make for a great outing. Guests must be at least 21 years of age with a valid ID to purchase alcohol. Pricing is slightly more expensive than Section 37 Axe Room as their price starts from around $28 for a group of 1-6 people. They also have other packages including an axe throwing tournament which starts at $25. For the Ping Pong lovers, it’s more pocket-friendly as you only have to shell out $18 per hour.

Our Verdict

Boise continues to see lots of fun places spring up, but without a doubt these two unique venues will surely give you a thrill.

Just as we lead the way in web, logo and packaging design in Boise, we will continue to identify the top branded recreational outlets in Boise as well. The vast coverage of topics we cover at Black-Mansion shows just how skilled and detailed we are in what we do.

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