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Nov 2019
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Axiom Fitness Social Media Management

Social media management is the process of creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content posted on social platforms. Additionally, social management needs to be goal-driven to produce the desired results of the company. The team at Black Mansion has over six years of experience with social media management, and producing results. The team recently overhauled the Axiom Fitness Instagram page. Axiom is a gym located in Boise, Idaho. With four locations in the Treasure Valley, it hails as the premiere fitness gym. To be the best, you have to work with the best.

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Axiom Fitness social media goals

When designing anything for a company, the campaign needs discuss the long term goals of the social media campaign. Above all, the goals need to focus on the companies specific needs. The Black Mansion social media management team guaranteed Axiom that the page will stay on-brand and use the discussed goal-driven campaigns. Black Mansion took the Axiom Instagram page design, and re-designed it step by step. In addition to the redesign goals, Axiom Fitness will generate leads for new memberships, fill open employment positions and gain as much feedback as possible. In conclusion, the goals will be executed through both the highlight section and photos used for rich content feedback.

axiom fitness boise Social Media Management

Axiom Fitness Instagram Content

The Axiom Fitness Instagram page was designed from the top-down. In other words, The social media management team completely overhauled the page with fresh content. We began the re-design with a fresh logo replacement for their profile image. The highlight section of their Instagram was non-existent. Therefore, we made sure to utilize their highlights in ways they hadn’t imagined they could. Axiom’s reimagined highlights include classes, memberships, trainers, locations, amenities, recovery, employment opportunity and member feedback. In addition to highlights, Axiom was suffering the most with their brand identity. Axiom’s coveted red, black and white branded colors needed to bleed throughout both the new highlights and image templates. We created a simple overlay template for easy management. In conclusion, the template covers each day of the week, and serves the younger audience followers.