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Jan 2020
Myomoov logo design billboard women running designed by Black Mansion Boise
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Jan 2020


Brand Identity



Myomoov Brand Identity

Meet Myomoov: a company with a mission to empower people in taking ownership of their health, while also taking care of their bodies. Myomoov specializes in licensed massage therapy. Additionally, Myomoov focuses on corrective exercise specialist professionals. Myomoov looks to highlight muscle movement within the body. With this inspiration, we collaborated to create a brand identity that represents the company’s purpose. 

Black Mansion Boise Myomoov Logo Design Layout

Myomoov Logo Design

When designing the logo for Myomoov, we knew we wanted a modern and minimal design style. Additionally, we found inspiration from the company’s target audience: consisting of modern athletes, fitness competitors, and bodybuilders. For instance, we created a round logo to represent motion and flow. We designed the logo in both primary and stacked versions to ensure they had proper spacing between the logo and primary font. Further, we added personalization to the brand by focusing on the details such as the spacing in between letters and the gradient colors used. 

Color Palette

The Myomoov colors were chosen specifically to represent a calm and relaxing mood, free from stress. Above all, this was the most important component to the client. The iconography uses a palette of lavender, cyan and Egyptian blue. The primary logo font would remain black and white throughout all marketing.

Black Mansion Boise Myomoov Color Palette
Black Mansion Boise Myomoov Font

Primary Font

Typo Round Light was chosen as the primary font for Myomoov’s branding. This font retained the selected iconography’s styling. In conclusion, this font will be used with any and all collaborations with or for the brand.

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