Smoke™ Rolling Paper – Product Design

Sept 2019
smoke rolling papers

Smoke™ Rolling Paper Product Design

Meet Smoke™: A Rolling Paper product design for the luxury smoker. The rolling paper industry is in need of a serious disruption and Smoke™ is here to stay. The product design concept was to elevate the smoking experience. The team at Black Mansion created a biodegradable packaging that could be combined with a luxurious experience. We were able to combine cardboard filters, booklet and an environmental-friendly clear sliding-case, into one cardboard package.

smoke rolling papers designed by black mansion boise

The History of Rolling Papers

The earliest company producing rolling papers was Pay-Pay, formed in Spain in 1703. For literally hundreds of years, rolling paper product design and packaging hasn’t changed much. This is problem Black Mansion were waiting to solve. The health risks associated with smoking certain toxins in paper and tobacco has led to the innovation of hemp rolling papers.

rolling paper packaging designed by black mansion boise design studio
Different paper for different smokers.

Black Mansion believes that rolling paper product design, made from natural materials, improves the overall quality of the smoking experience. Many various types of rolling papers are available to address each individual need. For instance, some papers are often considered bad for your lungs and can cause a burning sensation when inhaled. Black Mansion ensured that Smoke’s papers were manufactured in an earth friendly way.

rolling paper design black mansion

We were able to help find them a manufacturer that could not only produce the packaging, but would ensure that the papers and filters were healthy. We aren’t going to include cancer-causing metrics and infographics but we do believe in a high-caliber smoking experience. In conclusion, the choice between rice, hemp, or other fibers all depend on taste, smoking speed, rolling skills, and other factors. Here are some of the best papers in the world.

Rolling Paper Product Design Execution

The product design team at Black Mansion knocked this packaging out of the park. We were able to add each individual logo to the cardboard filters. The Smoke logo completed the look of the clear casing and rolling paper booklets. Above all, we are positive these papers will disrupt the culture of head shops as they premiere around the United States. Be on the look-out for Smoke Rolling Papers on shelves at your local head shops

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