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Z Bioscience cleaning solution product design by Black Mansion

Z BioScience combines microbiology and chemistry to make the world’s most advanced surface cleaners which, when combined with physics, creates a “true clean” surface. Additionally, Z BioScience offers Agricultural and Commercial Solutions. Black Mansion was given the amazing opportunity to help design a new product for their line of Probiotic Cleaners.


2019 – 2020


Label Design

Product Label Design

The Black Mansion product design team created original label designs for Z Bioscience

The client requested a label design that could be marketed to both vet professionals and pet owners at home. Using the brand’s color palette, the team designed a minimal and modern label to fit various packaging options. Similarly, our team ensured that the product label utilized the Z Bioscience brand elements (colors, fonts, image, etc. ) for easy recognition.

The challenge was to create the label for their developed, innovative new product and get it to market. Our team accomplished product-market fit through focusing on informed design. Above all, Black Mansion was able to include product highlights, step-by-step directions and contact information regarding questions.

Z Bioscience cleaning solution product label design by Black Mansion
Z Bioscience cleaning solution sample packet product design by Black Mansion

Product Rendering

In addition to designing the product label, Black Mansion provided sample packet rendering. After that, product renderings were the affordable technology for quickly and realistically depicting the label on bottles and sample size packets.

More specifically, the Z Biovet sample packets were created using photorealistic images, displaying the packet from both the front and back angles.

Z Bioscience will use the renderings in their product catalog. Additionally, they will be marketed and advertised to hundreds of domestic veterinarians across the United States. 

The label design was used as a visual to deliver the product’s details uniquely. In conclusion, with a custom label design, Z Biovet’s product and packaging label can stand out from the competition.

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